Luigi Brugnano, Florence, Italy

Spectral solution in time of evolutionary problems

Louis D’Alotto, New York, USA

Infinite computations and Büchi automata using Grossone

Renato De Leone, Camerino, Italy

Use of Grossone in optimization, classification, and feature selection problems

Kalyanmoy Deb, East Lansing, USA

Evolutionary multi-criterion optimization: An emerging computational problem-solving tool

Hoai An Le Thi, Metz, France

DC Learning: Recent advances and ongoing developments

Francesca Mazzia, Bari, Italy

Computing derivatives on the Infinity Computer

Panos Pardalos, Gainesville, USA

Computational approaches for solving general systems of nonlinear equations in the cloud

Witold Pedrycz, Edmonton, Canada

Society-oriented developments of machine learning: Challenges and opportunities

Nick Trefethen, Oxford, UK

Smooth random functions and smooth random ODEs


Yaroslav Sergeyev, Rende, Italy

Infinity computing: Foundations and practical computations with numerical infinities and infinitesimals

Vassili Toropov, London, UK

Multidisciplinary topology optimisation: Where we are and where we aim to be