One-page abstract (please use these LaTeX or Word templates) could be submitted by April 2, 2023
April 11, 2023 (extended deadline) through the EquinOCS system:

  1. Access the NUMTA2023 EquinOCS submission service through THIS LINK.
  2. Press the “Submit Now” button and log into your EquinOCS account (you need to be registered). 

  3. In the submission form, fill in all the fields (title, abstract, keywords, and authors), upload one-page abstract in the required format as a pdf file. The first author is supposed to be the speaker. Please copy the content of the abstract’s tex-file into the “Abstract” field.
  4. Make sure you choose “One-page abstract” (for abstracts in regular sessions) as the paper category and press the “Submit Paper” button.

Participants at a special session: please, contact the organizers of the special session you would like to participate at before submitting your abstract. When submitting, please choose “One-page abstract (special session)” as the paper category (without specifying the session itself). Papers submitted without the approval of the organizers of the special sessions will be scheduled in regular sessions.

Decision on the acceptance will be taken by the
NUMTA2023 Programming Committee and notified to the authors by e-mail.

For each accepted abstract, at least one registration fee
should be paid (one presentation – one fee).

After acceptance, the authors can submit their short or long papers
for the LNCS Conference Proceedings.

Publication of the NUMTA2023 LNCS volume is planned after the Conference.

Click HERE to view the book of abstracts of the previous edition NUMTA2019.