NUMTA2016 title page
Numerical Computations:
Theory and Algorithms

The 2nd International Conference and Summer School
June 2016
Club Med Resort “Napitia”
Pizzo Calabro, Calabria, Italy
Tutorials and plenary lectures
Tutorials and plenary lectures

Plenary lectures
Luigi Brugnano, Florence, Italy

Louis D'Alotto, New York, USA

Renato De Leone, Camerino, Italy

David Yang Gao, Ballarat, Australia

Angela Kunoth, Cologne, Germany

Gabriele Lolli, Pisa, Italy

Panos Pardalos, Gainesville, USA

Ezio Venturino, Turin, Italy

Anatoly Zhigljavsky, Cardiff, UK

Antanas Žilinskas, Vilnius, Lithuania
Recent advances in the numerical solution of Hamiltonian PDEs

Classifying cellular automata using grossone

Nonlinear programming and grossone: Algorithms

On unified modeling, theory, and method for solving multi‐scale global optimization problems

Generating sparse representations by multiscale adaptive approximation

Episodes in the history of infinitesimals

Computational models and challenging global optimization problems

On some computational issues in biology, ecology and population theory

Classical areas of mathematics and statistics where the concept of grossone could be useful

Rational decision theory based approach to global optimization

Roberto Battiti, Trento, Italy

John Gustafson, Singapore

Yaroslav Sergeyev, Rende, Italy

Khodr Shamseddine, Manitoba, Canada

The LION way: machine Learning for Intelligent OptimizatioN: a source of power for innovation in business

Adoption of unum arithmetic: Two approaches

Numerical computations with infinities and infinitesimals: Foundations and applications

One‐variable and multi‐variable integral calculus over the Levi‐Civita field and applications