NUMTA2016 title page
Numerical Computations:
Theory and Algorithms

The 2nd International Conference and Summer School
June 2016
Club Med Resort “Napitia”
Pizzo Calabro, Calabria, Italy
NUMTA2016 Special sessions
Special sessions

Proposals for organizing special sessions can be submitted before January 31, 2016.

Each special session should contain 6 presentations. For every accepted presentation, at least one registration fee should be paid.
One of the organizers of a special session will be granted 50% discount on the regular registration fee.

Please contact the NUMTA2016 Scientific Secretariat for more details.

Session title Session organizer(s)
Approximation Theory and Its Applications Maria Grazia Russo
University of Basilicata, Italy
Alessandra De Rossi
University of Turin, Italy
High Performance Computing in Modeling and Simulation William Spataro
University of Calabria, Italy
Intractable Problems and Approximation Algorithms Adil Erzin
Yuri Kochetov
Sobolev Institute of Mathematics
Novosibirsk State University, Russia
Numerical and Computational Methods in Data Analysis and Classification Gerardo Toraldo
Salvatore Cuomo
University of Naples Federico II, Italy
Numerical Global Optimization Algorithms Roman Strongin
Vladimir Grishagin
Lobachevsky University of Nizhni Novgorod, Russia
Please, contact the organizers of the special sessions you would like to participate at before submitting through the EasyChair.

Papers that have been already submitted through the EasyChair without the approval of the organizers of the special session
will be scheduled in regular sessions.