NUMTA2013 title page
Numerical Computations:
Theory and Algorithms

International Conference and Summer School
- June 2013
Eurolido Hotel, Falerna (CZ)
Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy
Special Issues
Special issues

Special issues of two prestigious international journals produced by Elsevier and dedicated to the Conference have been published. These journals are:

Applied Mathematics and Computation, volume 255 (March 2015), pages 1-238
(Guest Editors: Renato De Leone, Dmitri E. Kvasov, and Yaroslav D. Sergeyev);

Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, volume 21, issues 1–3 (April 2015), pages 1-250
(Guest Editors: Luigi Brugnano, Yaroslav D. Sergeyev, and Anatoly A. Zhigljavsky).